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    Damian Biecuszek

    Hey Carlos.


    I think you can remove the min and max values. Try to decrease the font size a bit. I believe that the number is not displayed because it does not fit into the field. Since you also put a ticket in support, I'd move the conversation there. I just sent you a message so we could take a closer look at the issue.

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    Carlos (Edited )

    ok i went through the number via trail and error and came up with the number its 2,147,486,647.  i removed the min/max and i changed the font and to no avail.. one thing i did notice on one of the fields that i allow negative numbers is when i increase 2,147,486,647 by one using the edit buttons it turns to -2,147,486,648. ive tested this on the few apps i have developed and the same thing happen.  Now i did a little research and found that  2,147,486,648 is a special number, its 256x256x256x256*/2 also 2 to the power of 31 and In binary, 2147483647 is 01111111111111111111111111111111 and it's the biggest positive number that will fit in 32 bits when using the "two's complement" notation. so is this something that cant be corrected or is it a limiting factor that i have to take in consideration and will have to create a toggle switch to add the extra zeros i need.

    Oh forgot to mention the problem is occuring on an android device, on the PC it works fine.

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    Damian Biecuszek

    I spoke to my dev team. Unfortunately this is currently a limitation so you might have to work with numbers divided by a thousand. Do you happen to know if the Excel file itself behaves differently? 

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    Yes I tried it with with excel also only on PC it works fine.  Looks like its the 32 bit problem.  For now im using 1,000 and 1,000,000 check marks for a work around.  Hopefully in the future this will change, had some problems with users not understanding so i created a help icon for it.  Thankfully you have the tools to make this all happen.  Thank you again for you reply and help. Like to say I love your program.

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