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    Damian Biecuszek (Edited )


    So the users should record their personal expenses and receive an evaluation? It is not possible to automatically create separate worksheets for each user, but I don't think that's necessary. An additional account will not be necessary either. The users are logged in with their Open as App (OAA) account, so we could filter the list in which all your data are entered and show the user only his own expenditures (based on the email address he used to log into the OAA app).


    I'm currently writing a small tutorial and will send you the link as soon as I'm done. But you may be able to get an idea if you read the release notes here: In some points, the topic is "user-specific content".


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    Damian Biecuszek

    Hey Rohith,


    I hope you're well. Let me show you the article about user specific data collection:


    In combination with the list analysis feature you might be able to create a cool personal dashboard.





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